Dear Students, Asking For Help Is A Strength |

Dear Students, Asking For Help Is A Strength contributed by Penny Kostaras I am a K-12 learning coach. My approach is comprehensive – executive functioning, time management, and academic content. A trend I’ve noticed over my career is a winter influx of bewildered freshman, and I am always sorry that we hadn’t met in the

How To Create A Forward-Leaning Curriculum

How To Create A Forward-Leaning Curriculum  contributed by Thom Markham, Educator This post has been updated and republished It’s a cliché to say that change comes too rapidly now for us to keep up, but clichés exist for one good reason: They’re often true. In the case of education—an industry that claims to focus on

Do You Have An Education Podcast? |

Do You Have An Education Podcast? by Terry Heick Summary: Do you have an education podcast? You can now submit podcasts centered around innovative teaching and learning to TeachThought. You can submit it to a teacher resource page we’re creating. The goal is for teachers to more easily find podcasts they’re looking for to grow.

10 Principles of Proficiency-Based Learning

10 Principles Of Proficiency-Based Learning contributed by Chris Sturgis 10 Principles Of Proficiency-Based Learning” by Chris Sturgis was originally published on CompetencyWorks Great Schools Partnership continues to produce great resources to support states and districts converting to competency education. They have drawn from what districts are doing in New England and have created Proficiency-based Learning Simplified resources.

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